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Torch-on Felt

Torch On Roofing FeltAdequate protection from all wind and weather is provided for roofs by roofing felt. Pitched roofs, flat roofs and even shed roofs can be protected by roofing felt. The choice of roofing felt is made dependent on the type of structure below which it is used.

A roof should be protected for around fifteen years by a coating roofing felt. Durability and strength are key to its performance over a given timescale. Another important feature is breathability, allowing water vapour an escape route from the roof below.

With advanced technology, roofing materials have become incredibly sophisticated. This has made the process of roofing much easier than in years gone by and roofing itself much more long lasting. One of the most significant roofing advancements in recent years has been torch on felt for various types of roofing projects. This type of roofing has opened up all manner of possibilities when it comes to a DIY roofing project although it has to be stated that instructions must be followed carefully. Ideally this type of roofing should be done by a professional roofer.

The durability of torch on roofing felt provides waterproof covering to a roof. The felt itself is easy to use and extremely flexible. Basically when heated up with a torch, the felt melts on the underside allowing a person to fix it in place. Once cooled, the molten liquid solidifies once more and holds the roofing felt in place.

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