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Coroline Roof Sheets

Roof SheetingIf you are looking for a lightweight solution to your roof project, then considering Coroline roofing sheets may be a good move. Suitable for a range of applications such as garages, sheds, stables, agricultural buildings, kennels, lean-to's, in fact, just about any external structure you can think of.

Although light, Coroline sheets are tough and built to last, out living a felt roof covering by many years. The corrugated structure gives a traditional feel with practicality in mind, as water drains easily off the roof. The surface area also adds to the high insulation properties of the design, giving extra warmth inside, as well as good sound absorbency properties.

An important consideration is that the material is safe and environmentally friendly. Constructed of organic fibres soaked in bitumen, asbestos is a thing of the past. Coroline roof sheeting is durable, strong and built to last and not only that, but Coroline sheets are available in a number of colours, allowing you to choose your preference to match the overall design and feel of your project.

The manufacturers guarantee it is waterproof for fifteen years, allowing you to sleep well at night know all your tools, your car or your dog are safely dry and out of the elements.

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