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Metal Roof Sheets

Roof SheetingMetal roofing systems are proving ever more popular for use with commercial and residential properties. Metal roofing systems have been proven to be durable, able to withstand high winds, earthquakes of various proportions and with certain treatments added it can be made to harness, as well as counter, ultraviolet radiation. As well as these obvious benefits metal roofing systems can make an attractive addition to a building.

One of the most proven metal roofing types that has stood the test of time is the Corrugated Metal Roofing system which is made from galvanized steel, but as decades have passed there are other cheaper to produce metals that have been introduced to the metal roofing market such as stainless steel and aluminium and copper.

There are predominantly two types of Metal Roofing Sheets systems that you can use on buildings, either exposed fastenings or concealed fastenings. The latter is the most expensive type whereby the Metal Roof Sheets come in a standard size of approximately three feet, which can be cut down to size and the fasteners that hold the panels together are clearly visible, with the latter type, the sheets merely snap together so that the fastenings are hidden from view.

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